Memebox- Luckybox #1 UNBOXING!!!! ^o^ )/ + Special Offer

Hello my favorite people in the world!  I’m back with my very first unboxing post.  I can’t wait to share this with you guys!  If you would like a review one of the items just like this post! ^__^
I’ll be unboxing Memebox’s Luckybox #1.  (This is not a sponsored order.)  Stay tuned for a SUPA NICE offer at the end!

They sell out super fast so click here to buy a luckybox!

*warning*  My lighting is VERY bad this time because, that day was very gloomy and dark outside.


Awesome Offer:  email let them know you’re my follower (yummmiiee) and receive an EXTRA $5


Shipping:  imageimageimageimageimage/5
Standard shipping is $6.99 which takes ~15-22 days.  Express shipping is $25.60, takes 3-7 days.  I paid for standard but my package came within 8 days!  There’s also a tracking number. ;)


Okay, so when I opened this I was like ahhh!!!  It’s so purdy!  I believe this box contains the best/most liked items of the previous boxes.  I am very happy with the items they have in this box.  I missed all of the previous boxes so that’s probably why I’m happy to at least get one box.  Haha. >_<  Also inside is a card explaining what the items are.


The first item on the card is this CNP Laboratory Cleaning Perfecta 50ml.  The full size product is 150ml (so this is a sample size/mini) retails for $23.  This item “removes all your makeup in one swift gesture!  Made with CNP Laboratory’s very own anti-irritant complex, Cleaning Perfects is a lightweight cleansing gel that quickly dissolves and removes the longest-lasting waterproof makeup and sunscreen.  This gel’s non-greasy, oil-free formula cleanses thoroughly and rises off completely with no residue after each use.”

The description sounds very appealing.  Since it’s well loved, i’m sure it’ll work.  *** Okay, so I tried this today, and so far i’m not liking it.  Does not do what it says, “removes all makeup in one swift” No.  First, I used a nickle size amount and my makeup was still on.  So I squeeze out a quarter size in case I used too little before.  There were still some eye makeup left over with both applications.***


Next is Nuganic Customize Pore Control Essence 30ml.  This is the full size product and retails for $46.  You’re already getting your money’s wroth in this item!  This is “a exonerated serum that refines pores and re-balances skin.  Pore Control Essence absorbs quickly to lock in moisture while visibly refining pores and smoothing skin texture, helping skin create a smoother, younger, look.  It contains the Pore Resurfacing Complex, including triciosan, salicylic, acid, camomile extracts, and white willow bark, which gently clear out pimples and blackheads.  Over time, enlarged pores are visibly reduced and skin creates stronger support for a tighter, more refined and smoother complexion.”

I am most excited to try this since I have pretty big nasty pores.  -_-


Third item is Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Essenxe 12ml.  Full size is 50ml and retails for $68.   This item “regenerates your skin!  Inspired by herbal science, a miraculously effective age-fighting serum that delivers powerful results.  It creates more radiant and smoother skin that you can see and feel.  It instantly replenishes the skin with essential moisture while working to repair the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  This innovative formula featuring red ginseng and herbal extracts visibly restores elasticity, and leaves skin looking firmer and absolutely for all skin types.”

Also sounds appealing, haha maybe because i’m really into skin care right now. >_<


Fourth item off the card is Mamonade First Energy Serum 10ml.  Full size is 100ml and retails for $27.  This is “a light texture serum featuring powerful natural ingredients.  Flower vinegar is fermented for over 60 days in a clay pot, and its extract is included in the product providing excellent moisture and skin renewal.

Oh my gosh!  Look at Yuri!  She’s so pretty and always… Also comes with 2 samples. 


I LOVE masks!  They’re very fun to use after all of the rest of my skin care steps.  ”This sheet mask is a 6 in 1 hydrogel mask made with a special fabric normally used for body shaping underwear.  It provides intensive nutrition, fights against the appearance of wrinkles, brightens skin tone, firms fine lines, and hydrates the skin.”

I’m guessing this mask is for older women around 25-40 since that’s when you start to have wrinkles.


Sixth item in this box is Too Cool for School Aqua gel mist 100ml.  This is the full size product and it retails for $12.  ”This Aqua gel mist is a gel-tezture mist with high concentration of Trehalos.  The main ingredient, Trehalos, instantly replenishes the skin with soothing hydration, and provides a healthy-looking glow to your skin.”

**Random spraying my face, smells good, but taste nasty.  Haha.**


I am starting to have a lot of sample lip tints… (-__-)  Anyways, this lip tint is Tonymoly Delight Tony Tiny Red 1.5ml.  Full size is 9ml and retails for $3.  Which is “one of the best selling lip tint in Korea.  It instantly gives vivid red color on your lips with single touch.  It creates a gradient lip known as “Korean lip.”  The color is VERY pigmented.  Once it dries it ain’t goin’ nowhere.


Lastly, is my most favorite item from this box, Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese cream 100ml.  Full size is 300ml and it retails for $16.  Not a bad price at all, since it has a huge amount.  This is “a facial cream that has very unique bounce texture from high concentration of milk serum, also known as Whey, is a good source of natural protein that perfectly hydrates and firms your skin.”  This makes my face bouncy and it’s very fun to play with.  Haha. >_<

Overall rating of Memebox:  imageimageimageimage/5
I rate Memebox a 4 out of 5.  Reason being is because they release their boxes before the latest box ships, so you can pre-order the boxes.  Once a box is sold out, it’s gone, but they do sometimes have a second order of a box.  Another con is that they are limited quality and sell out FAST.  But what I do like about Memebox is that it’s non-subscription, very nice packaging, super duper awesome customer service, different boxes (superbox, luckybox and regluar memebox).  They also have a points system to save money.  When you buy an item, you’ll also earn points back. ;)

And now for the AWESOME OFFER!!!  Email telling them that you are a follower of mine (yummmiiee) and you’ll receive an EXTRA $5 worth of points.  When you sign up you’ll get $5 and if you email them you’ll have $10 off your first order!  I used someone’s referral user and only paid $19.99 for my luckybox. ^__^

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