Maxstar C30 7-Holes Zipper Black Platform Sneakers White review

Hello!~  So today, I’ll be review a pair of shoes from MaxStar.  I see lots of other bloggers reviewing shoes from MaxStar and so I finally applied for a reviewer, and they kindly said yes.  (>‿<) 
If you don’t already know MaxStar, MaxStar is a double platform shoe store created by Julian Rhiem and Micheal Chang in Seoul, South Korea.  They have over 150 pair of shoes you can choose from, and what I think is pretty cool, is that you could also customize your own converse.  They also guarantee 5 day shipping.


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And so, on to the review. ^o^


Shipping took 4 days.  Coming all the way from South Korea, that’s fast shipping.  
Story:  It was 8:45 am and I just got out of the shower and was eating & watching anime.  And all of a sudden, I heard the doorbell ring and it was the FedEx guy.  Oh my gosh, my heart starting beating super fast, washed my hands real quick, took off my towel and ran to the door. lol.  It said to come at 10:30am, but it came 2 hours earlier…. -__-


So, when I opened the bag, there’s a box with the store’s logo on it.  My box is really beat up.  It looks like it entered a pro wrestling match and lost badly.  But I saw other reviews of MaxStar and some of the boxes were perfectly nice, but for some reason I guess my box was just unlucky.  (´;ω;`)


And so on to opening again….  Once I opened the box there’s a pair of white lace, just in case you might prefer the white lace over black lace.  The shoes were in a nice dust bag with also, the store’s logo.  Ah, the shoes were also wrapped in a plastic bag.


TA DA! ^o^  So I already laced the shoes (they come unlaced, just in case you prefer a certain way (whoa!  I could totally rhyme! haha)).


So, the store’s logo is also on the shoes.  They’re in 3 place actually.  On the bottom, inside, and there. 


For the first time, my shoes don’t say made in China. ;u; lol


On the other side, there’s a zipper.  It’s a pretty thick zipper too.


And so on to the platform.  It’s 3.5 cm thick.  The overall height of the shoe is 16 cm.  


So, here’s the back view-ish.  Although the box lost it’s pro wrestling match, the merchandise inside is not ruined.  The only part i’m unsatisfied about is the back; where it starts going up to the ankle, they’re some folded spots.  Although i’m sure when you wear it, it’ll be fine.


Here’s the overall side view of the inner side.


And, the overall outer side.

Last of all, ranking.

Quality:  imageimageimageimage
The shoes are very high quality.  And the price for this quality is nice.  I know some shoes that are super pricey, but the quality is really not worth it at all.  Especially if this pair of shoes cost $39.98, it’s a pretty nice deal.  BUT, I was looking at the shoe for the second time closely and noticed that on the platform you could see a little bit of the rubber ends, and a bit glue, it looks like it can just be pealed off.  I was really surprised to see that too. ;u;

Comfort:  imageimageimage
Normally when you wear new shoes, they’re stiff and kind of hard to walk in.  In these shoes, they’re kind of comfortable, but still hard to walk in.  If you know what I mean. ( >__< )  BUT I’m born with wide feet (runs in the family..) and so they might feel better for you.

Design:  imageimageimage
I always wear converse.  And I wanted to try a different kind of pair, since I always wear the basic black boring converse.  I love the platform.  It gives just a bit height.  There’s also another version of this pair with a double platform.  That platform is a little on the crazy side, I personally think those will be too high.  Overall, the design of this design is unique.  BUT when I wear them, they look of kind weird… it feels/looks like snow boots. -__-

Overall:  imageimageimageimage
Overall, I think MaxStar is a pretty good store to order shoes from, fast shipping and nice shoes.  So, would I order from Maxstar again?  Yes I would.  This time I was thinking about buying their heels/ wedges.


Posted on Jul 23, 2013
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