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Hello!  It’s been a while since my last review.  This review is sponsored by KkCenterhk.  KkCenterhk was many different styles of lashes, nail polish, wigs, eye makeup, ect.  They have the most wildest lashes I’ve EVER SEEN!  Their pieces are decently priced too.  So be sure to check them out! 

Website:  http://www.kkcenterhk.com/
Blog:  http://kkcenterhk.blogspot.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kkcenterhkcom?fref=ts

Product:  http://www.kkcenterhk.com/p10610/ES-5-Pairs-Handmade-Luxuriant-Upper-And-Lower-False-Eyelashes/product_info.html

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Alright!  So packaging came in a brown paper envelope!   I really like the back; how it has the two circle tying thing… haha it was fun and easy to open.  
Shipping took roughly about 2 weeks.


Lashes were wrapped up nicely in bubble wrap.


So I chose ES-A505 and this is how they look like. Pretty aren’t they?  This pack has 3 top lashes and 2 bottom lashes.  Very gyaru like; which was why I picked them.  


Close Up:  
As you can see, the top lashes get thicker at the ends and are thinner towards the front.  (In case you don’t know, the shorter side of the lashes should be facing towards the inner corners of your eyes, so be sure to not put them on the wrong way! ^o^ )  
The hair for the top lashes are pretty soft and flexible; so when you’re taking out the lashes be sure to take them out carefully before you ruin them (really in general.)

Okay!  Time to talk about the bottom lashes.  
Alright, so I never ever owned bottom lashes until now, and I have no idea how to put them on.  So, I looked up tutorials and followed it through, but…. me look crazyyy!!  Maybe I just need to practice more.  When I saw them to the website I thought they looked really nice and they still are;  but it looks weird on me.  Again, maybe I just need A LOT of more practice and maybe because I’ve never seen myself with bottom lashes before.  
The hair on these are a little on the stiff side.   What I like about these it that the sizes of the hair are different, which will give you more of a dolly look.

I think these lashes are wonderful!  The invisible band is a plus plus!  It looks less fake compared to ones that have the black band. Lashes are very gyrau & dolly.

here’s a pic with only the top lashes:
My failed Sayoko Ozaki inspired eyes ;u;

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