First day of school exhausted me so much, feel asleep right when I got home.  Still have to do my homework. -__-

Off to my last year of high school. ^o^

I’m tired.

i was scrolling on my dashboard and i was like "oh Hyuna!" and then i looked at the description and i saw it was you and i was like "woaaaaaaaah she's super pretty"
✖ Anonymous

Haha, thanks >////<   You’re too sweet. >.<

Dun dun dun!  I posted it! >.<  It sucks.  I changed the eye make up a bit.
Click here to view crappy tutorial.  Follow me on blogspot too! ^__^

Hi there! You looked so pretty in that Hyuna "Red" Look. I was wondering what contacts you used? *-*

Hello! Thank you. >///<  They’re the puffy 3 tone grey, my favorite grey lens ever.  Highly recommend these lens!

I tried to do a make up tutorial today on Hyuna’s RED but failed… when this gets over 100 notes then I might post it. :)  Follow my new blogspot. ^__^


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