Memebox’s ready to ship boxes is offering only $6.99 for express shipping!  Click here to the boxes!  Memebox also released a collaboration box with Pink Dairy.  I bought it yesterday, so look forward to a review/ unboxing post soon!  Enter “U40DJC" for $3 off your order. :)


 ♡ flower crowns available for purchase 1 | 2

I cut the bangs!  Messed up like crazzyy!  But who cares. >.<

Meme released a new box collaboration with blogger The Pink Dairy.  All you see in the photo above is what you’ll get (expect the sunglasses of course).  I just bought it!  So look out for a review soon!  Be sure to use my discount “U40DJC” for $3 off your order.

Hello, I stumbled on a few worrying reviews about BeautynetKorea, like some people got used or fake cosmetics D: Have you ever had a problem with that? Or is there anyway to know whether or not the products are fake?

Hi. :)
Yes, I also read reviews like that, but I never had that problem.  Usually brands have their sticker mark to show that it’s theirs.  Sometimes the color of the packaging can be off.  The formula of the product might not be a good as the real one.  Hope this helps. ^^

Out of these site you recommend beautynetkorea and cosmetic - love which one is more better? Shipping wise and price wise?

Well, both offer free shipping. Shipping time from cosmetic-love is a bit faster than Beautynetkorea by a few days. (from past orders)  Cosmetic-love prices are a bit higher than the actual price and  Beautynetkorea has cheaper prices than most sites.  But then again, it all depends on what you’re buying.  I saw a few items on cosmetic-love that are cheaper than the prices listed on beautynetkorea.  Beautynetkorea also has 1+1 items which can save you about 10%.  

Overall, I recommend beautynetkorea because they offer cheaper prices and have sales that lasts a very long time.  I only shop at comestic-love when they have sales, but sometimes those sales only make the prices equal to other sites that also offer free shipping. :(


Beautynetkorea review

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update on missing item with pictures! ^_^

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Guys…. my pink wig came in today! ^o^)/

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